Principle Investigator


Derby_2014 Jeffrey Derby

  Hometown: Richfield, MN  
  Undergraduate University: California Institute of Technology 
  Graduate University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology






Graduate Students


Kerry Wang

Hometown: Plano, TX

Undergraduate University: Rice University


Chang Zhang

Hometown: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Undergraduate university: Zhejiang University, China


Scott Dossa

Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

Undergraduate University: Carleton College


Linmin Wang

Hometown: Oakland, CA/Yueyang, Hunan, China

Undergraduate University: University of California, Santa Barbara


John Roerig

Hometown: Rush City, MN

Undergraduate university: Hamline University

Hobbies: Tinkering with computers (hardware and software), camping, solving puzzles.


Swanand Pawar

Hometown: Pune, India

Undergraduate University: Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati